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Presentation Technocid
The initiative Technocid was born of a collaboration within and outside Europe. Years of research and pooled specifications have permi ambitious to achieve a fully effective insecticide solution while reducing toxicity to humans at a level almost null, or less than 1 percent (0, 18)%.
Our goal: To maximize efficiency - minimize toxicity


Whether crawling, flying or dormant, insects are considered pests to drive our direct environment. They are likely to proliferate rapidly and thus pose serious problems related to hygiene, status and health. It is important to effectively address this issue at our places of life, but also in the areas of professional activity. Working conditions, production and reception can be affected by the presence of pests. Business premises are all the more urgent to disinsect and disinfect they often host a larger or smaller number of players between staff and customers to visit.
The challenge for 3D enterprises (Disinfection, Pest Dératisation) lies in finding a balance and maintain between, on the one hand, the power and effectiveness of professional insecticides, and on the other, the safety of these produce and methods for humans and the environment.

Harmful business premises
By establishing colonies in the direct environment of man, pests are a threat to more than one.
They cause first major nuisance in addressing the food they contribute to destroy or alter, rendering it unfit for consumption.
Insect pests are also largely responsible for the spread of pathogens, transmitting disease can be serious. In the best cases, they cause some inconvenience (irritations, allergies ...) which are, however, likely to worsen in certain circumstances.
The damage caused by pests are not saving the business premises, on the contrary, since they generally correspond to community areas and they offer more space and conditions for the development of these insects.
And when they proliferate, it is both damaging vis-à-vis the productive capacity of the company that affected its image among its partners, customers and the public.
Buildings administrations, hotels, restaurants, educational establishments, shops, service companies and other business structures are highly concerned with the risks associated with the proliferation of pests. Of hygiene and cleanliness coupled with well-studied treatments require it.

The need for rapid and effective treatment
Such rapid than effective solutions must be made in prevention and treatment of these indoor and outdoor spaces for professional installations.
Disinsect these places is to act on all aspects related to life and development of harmful: to destroy larvae, eggs and adults treat their living places and passages, achieve complete and radical disinfection of these places act on the conditions that promote their growth and reproduction, ensuring that the action of the insecticide is effective and persistent.
This last point is crucial; certain harmful indeed manage to develop a genetic mutation that confers resistance to toxic substances to which they are subject. Companies that develop techniques and disinfestation and disinfection products must therefore constantly improve and test them. New processes insecticides also need to be developed in compliance with human health and the environment.
Harmful to fight the business premises are of great variety. The bed bug (Cimex lectularius), parquet flea (Ctenocephalides felis), cockroaches, cockroaches (Blattella germanica, Blatta orientalis and Periplaneta americana particular) are perfectly adapted to the human environment and can grow very quickly. It is the same for ants, including those of the species Lasius Niger (black ants) and tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus). These are among the hundred most invasive species in the world and their females are particularly aggressive, especially after being fertilized; they then begin to sting more frequent basis in order to collect more blood, which greatly increases the risk of disease transmission.